If I don't have a Meet Me profile, and I look at someone's profile, can they tell?

I was looking at this guy's Meet Me profile a few times, and now I'm kinda paranoid that he knows I was checking it out. Can the other person tell I was checking it out if I don't have a MeetMe account?

I know, I know, I sound like such a creep haha.


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  • Probably not. I mean, so long as you don't have an account, how is the website going to track you?

    This isn't CSI where they will track you using your IP address or anything. As far as the website is concerned, you are anonymous.

    • Thanks for best answer! :D I hope you found whatever info you were trying to get on that guy lol.

    • No problem. (: It was sincere and funny-and humor + sincerity always wins for me.

      Thanks! Ha I found out a good bit, and learned he really isn't the guy I'd pursue.

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  • Yes it displays the exact time and how many times you check a profile, had an account there for a while and quit because of that lame feature.

  • I don think so ...

  • I assume you have an account on pof.com? That feature is pointless if you ask me


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