Why would a girl do this?

I was at the grocery store checking out at the self check out, and this girl comes and stands right behind me looking at me even tho their are 2 other self check out registers available, and when I turned around and noticed her behind me looking at me she started messing with stuff in her cart than left.


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  • Honestly there's a lot of things that could have been on her mind. She thought you were hot, she was bored, she wanted attention, she wanted to have a conversation... it's one situation so it's impossible to say much.

    • I just thought it was likely he has a pretty good idea of this. He's probably doubting his own ability to see it. We're only allowed to communicate with direct obviousness it sounds like.

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    • The problem IMO is that if we can only communicate in a very narrow way, it takes a lot of appeal away from this site which is ultimately relating in a fairly realistic way. If a mundane question I ask is seen as offensive and censored, I get the feeling I'm talking to a kindergarten rated audience. I understand having tact and being respectful is important. I'm amazed by some of the stuff I see on here honestly and am surprised how long it takes to ban them.

    • And I know, moderators are supposed to be perfect, god

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  • idk

  • Maybe she just didn't know how to use one and wanted to see how you did it?

    We don't have self checkouts where I live, when I first had to use one it was quite confusing to be honest haha.

    But it could have been anything...

    • Their was one right beside me some woman was using, why look at me instead of going to the first one. If she didn't know how to use the self check why not go to a regular check with a cashier.

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