Freshman and junior? What do I do? Help!

So I'm a freshman and I met this junior in my art class I really like him. He used to just tease me and stare at me and we would smile at each other. But now we are following each other on insta and twitter. He just went though a break up with his girlfriend, he got over it quickly. He is the sporty type, I'm not. Yesterday he fell asleep sitting up in his chair and after that I guess this other kid saw me looking at him, and said to me "I saw you take a picture of (his name" I was like what! N0! And I look at (his name) he was looking at me and he grinned. We have been talking a lot more now. But I think he is embarrased to talk to me in the hallways.. I need help! I really like him! I need advice on what to do.


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  • I'd stickwith other freshmen and ignore the older guys. He ought to be with someone his own age, really.

    Maybe his girlfriend broke up with him because he is so immature! It sounds like it, from what you say!


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