Why do not so attractive guys date gorgeous girls, but never the other way around?

I'm just curious. I feel that because of my imperfections guys I find attractive won't give me a chance because I'm not the most beautiful girl in school. I like this guy who's very attractive and he looks at me a lot, but I stop from talking to him because I figure it's a waste of time because he won't find me attractive :/

Btw - It's not that I'm ugly, I've had many guys ask me out, but just not the guys I am physically attracted to :/ and my self-consciousness prevents me from pursuing the guys I do find attractive.


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  • I actually used to date this one girl who, even after two years, my friends won't shut up about. She was gorgeous, but it all fell apart because she herself was self-conscious and it was taking a toll.

    I went back to my old high school a while back to catch up, and right now, the girls who are considered the most beautiful and most popular, have a really bad personality to match, the typical mean girls.

    Going to your question though, when you say attractive, I think you are talking about "looks". It's because there are certain triggers in men and women that signal attraction, or at least to a certain extent.

    I'm sure you've heard of how the girls love the bad boys. They don't really like the bad behaviour, what they like is their confidence, the feeling of protection/power, their a leader of men, the envy of other men and women etc. Their looks aren't a big part of the equation when you get to know them.

    For guys however, looks are a huge trigger when you first meet, but like I said with my relationship, it can quickly fall apart.

    I'm sure you're a good looking girl, and you have the proof with other girls asking you out, all people have confidence issues to an extent but I'm sure you can get through them.

    BTW, if he looks at you a lot, that's a huge sign he's interested, talking to him shouldn't be a problem if he starts the conversation right? :P


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  • Aww. This actually makes me kind of sad. I'm sure you are beautiful enough to date. I've seen many "mismatched couples" as well as couples who date and seem to match. That's the beauty of this world. There are all kinds of people who see past the physical beauty of things.