Ladies, if you see your ex and he is in really good shape, dressed well, and looks good....

and has a smile on his face and a does that make you feel?


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  • Indifference really. I may be happy for him but really it's not as if I would have feelings sparked again. There's a reason he's my ex.

  • Personally, it makes me feel happy to see that he is doing so well. I mean from personal experiene, he was doing well before we broke up so its good to know that he hasn't fallen off. I others peoles cases, women might feel sad or sorry that they let such a great guy go!

    • If he talked to you again and asked you out for coffee, would you go?

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    • Would you give him a second chance?

    • Depends on the circumstances. if he were single and I were single and there were still feelings...yes. it also depends on what caused the breakup.

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