Hello, do you like me or not? GUY!

So basically there's this really cute guy at my college. We've been in the same class for roughly 2 months now. I've realized that he sometimes stares at me during class, and when I enter the crowded canteen and walk to the other end of it, he peers through the gaps people around me are creating to just take a look, more than once, and looks away when I look back. Also, twice he's sat beside me in class, when there was the option to sit elsewhere. The problem is he never says hey, or even really talks to me. Like ever. I'm kind of confused?


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  • I think he has a crush on you, especially if he's going out of his way to sneak peeks at you. He's probably just shy. It might be up to you to make the first move, if you want it. Approach him first. Start the conversation.

    • this.

      it will be 'his day' if you do this. know he's shy, being reserved/awkward might just be his way, if/when you talk. go talk to him - be the brave one -- might payoff =)

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