I had ulcers a few months ago and have had issues with my stomach?

So, here's the story. 3 months ago I had peptic ulcers in my stomach. Ever since then I have been in and out of the Emergency Room and the Doctors altogether. I got a radiation test that lasted 4 hours a few weeks ago, and now have to get my gallbladder removed because they said it's no longer a working organ in my body. So, that's going to happen in a couple of weeks. Anyways, here's where it gets complicated. I still get stomach pains, terrible stomach pains. After I eat, and when I don't eat (Either way, it doesn't really matter..) My stomach makes these terrible terrible noises. They're so loud, that just about the whole world can hear them and it's super embarrassing and it makes me nervous not to mention I do not feel good after at all! I've tried to guess it all, I looked up everything online...& it all seems so complicated. Also, after I eat ANYTHING, my stomach bloats, and it bloats so bad, that I look like I'm pregnant. I'm a size 0, and I'm VERY skinny. So I don't go out to eat in public anymore because my stomach is just ruining everything I do. So, I get extremely bad bloating, and my stomach makes noise like there's no tomorrow. It also feels like there's something stuck in my stomach...Should I call my doctor? If you're a doctor, and you're going to answer this, what do you think it could be? It's literally driving me insane, and it always hurts. Thanks in advance! This really really just sucks. ._. :(


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  • sorry to hear - most of the great health advice I've gotten - including from doctors - has come from w ww.mercola.c om. read what he says about ulcers, but I think basically the idea is probiotics (like homemade fermented vegetables & homemade kefir, since your problems are super bad), drink tons of water (dilute the stomach acid), & look up info about boiled cabbage & recipes to make it. it contains something I think (I think!) they semi-seriously call vitamin U, because it's so effective for ulcerative stomachs.

    i don't like showing my anatomy nerdiness but basically I think (I think) what happens is you have bad bacteria - or are dysbiotic - in your stomach, just from your biological makeup but worsened by sugars & I guess carbs too. sugars feed the bad bacteria, producing acid. probiotics are good bacteria that run the bad bacteria out of Dodge, & provide normal levels of stomach acid.

    you can buy fermeneted vegetable starter kits, kefir starter kits, & juts pretty potent (but nowhere near as potent as fermented vegetables (which are healthy in otherways, worth doing!)) directly from that w ww.mercola.c om site.

    another quick trick that is healthy is mixing baking soda (look up the amounts, too much is unhealthy, & can be a medical problem) in a drink to alkalize (the opposite of acidy) your acidy stomach.

    another tool is apple cider vinegar which turns to an alkalizing ash in your stomach, despite being an acidic beverage. mostly you should be doing the three I listed & reading mercola: probiotic foods/pills, lots of water, & boiling cabbage (remember! vitamin U).

    you can beat it, & will feel better by tonnes as the girls say afterward.

    good luck! go search that site! =)x


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