Girls, have you ever fallen in love with or liked a guy that you were not physically attracted to at first?

Have you ever fallen in love with or liked a guy that at the beginning you were not physically attracted to him? Such as with time he became more attractive to you because of his personality. Did you fall in love or liked the guy more because of his personality? Have you ever had a crush on a guy because of his personality? Thank you and if possible could you provide your experiences.


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  • Yes this is totally true for me! I'm currently with a boy who I never thought I would be attracted to, and at first I wasn't but I got to know him, and personality to me is everything, looks are just a bonus! We get on great and I love his personality, and now I'm even attracted to his looks aswell. I would way rather date a guy with a great personality, than a boring guy with good looks! Hope this helps


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  • I've had this happen before, but I don't think it was the guys personality that made me become suddenly attracted to him. It was more like my "type" drastically changed for some reason...I'm not sure why though.

    Usually a great personality isn't enough for me to like a guy, otherwise I would probably really like quite a few of my guy friends haha.

  • Yes. There is a guy that I've been crushing on for the past 4 months that I wasn't attracted to initially. It started with me noticing him more and more, then I found out he had an amazing personality and now I think he's the cutest thing ever. There are also his eyes which I found myself more and more attracted to with each passing day. I used to only like bright blue eyes, but now have a newly founded love for honey colored eyes thanks to a certain individual. :D

  • yes that has happened with me. and now that I think about it. the only reason why I might not have been physically attracted to him at first was because I thought he wasnt my type or I had this imaginary guy set in my head as what my type of guy was. but actually I'm a big fan of personality and if you can win me over with your personality, you can win my heart. so it's not that they weren't physically attractive to me it's just I never thought of them as being my type


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