Different tastes/styles.Could it really work between us?

I have been chatting with this girl from a dating site and she seems to have a nice personality. We are both interested in travelling, running etc but I don't know a lot about what she does in her spare time. She seems keen but we kind of seem quite different in styles and things we like (apart from what I mentioned). My profile reflects the fact that I love outdoors/adventure type things and indie/arty type music and bars. She asked me to add her on fb (which I don't use much but she said it's easier to message on there). Looking at her photos it appears she goes out to all the dance clubs that I really hate in our town. Her and her friends really don't seem the type of people I normally hang around with.

So I'm wondering if it could really work between us. She knows my style from my profile and maybe she's just a bit "girlie" when out with her friends?

How do you ask someone if you think we are really that compatible without screwing it up or sounding offensive?



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  • Don't ask. Sometimes opposites attract. Just continue to talk and get to know each other.

    • The problem is that I asked her out on a date before I knew all this other stuff, ie when I thought we had more in common.

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  • I wouldn't ask her if she thought we'd be compatible because of what you observed from her photos. It's impossible to not sound offensive if you bring that up. Her nightlife routines are important to consider, but it's inappropriate to address them at this point. It sounds like you need more information in the event you're still curious about this girl. Either give her a field test or go back to the lab with a different girl.

    When I say field test I mean actually go out on a group date with her and see what her friends are like. You're probably correct that the style thing will be difficult to overcome, but who knows. Give it a spin.

    • Agree with you. Every other girl I've been on a date with has been very similar to me in style and the places and type people they hang around with. This one is strange though because she comes off as really "girlie" in her photos but she has done lot's of travelling to some adventurous places so she can't be like that all the time. Also in the messages she writes she comes across as a nice person. I'm just not sure I'd change myself enough to go on nights out to places I hate.