Have you ever dumped an ex and ended up looking stupid?

have you ever dumped your ex to be with someone else and ended up looking stupid?


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  • Haha no I haven't but an old Girlfriend did, she was cheating on me and then went with someone else, and she ended up dropping out of school to provide for the both of them (he was a lot younger so she had to provide for him) and yeah she pretty much ruined her life lol meantime I appear to have a good life

    • know a girl who left her boyfriend to be with a older guy, she spent so much money on that guy and couldn't even take care of herself. the guy dumped her in the end lol

    • haha serves them right! lol XP

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  • I ended up feeling that way when I saw how successful she turned out to be.


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  • Nope.. I'll never break up with someone cause of another person. I always exercise of what I think is fair for him. I'm pretty objective and strict when it comes to that.. I don't let my emotions rule over me. :)

    • he literally dropped me like a sick dog for a girl with money and now he looking stupid. the crazy thing is that I forgave him :( even though I know its stupid :( its so hard to forgive him I can't stay mad at him for 5 seconds :( but I only think its right if I make him work for it...love is so crazy :(

    • aww love is so crazy indeed :(..

  • No it was the best thing I did for myself :D