What to look out for when a girl is just using you?

I was seeing a girl for 3/4 months. I messed her about and 'blew it' by coming across untrustworthy. She keeps contact to quite a minimum with me and started dating another fella. Someone who was there for her and trustworthy...bla bla etc. Anyway that died out pretty sharpish. This guy was around for the same amount of time as me but that only materialized after I was a jerk.

I met her on a night out; we talked and she really opened up to me-she was upset about different things in her life.

By the end she was hugging me tightly, we kissed and squeezed for an hour. We weren't drunk and it felt sincerely passionate.

Was I just a shoulder to cry on? She says we can't be together because of the distance and she thinks I am some sort of Lothario.

Was I being used as a emotional support or should I consider this as a sign she might open up to me AGAIN...


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  • well she won't open herself to you, sh won't be vulnerable with her feelings to you or by showing stuff she hasn't shown to others.

  • You give give give and she puts no effort into the relationship.


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