What's so wrong with spanking your child?

The better question might be, why have parenting styles changed so much?

I'm sure the majority of users on here were raised with the wooden spoon as a punishment method.

For those of you who are parents...were you raised with spanking? For those of you who were, what made you decide to change your parenting style from how your parents raised you? Do you think that the way they raised you made you to be a failure and so changed your method?

For those of you parents who still employ the spanking method, why do you still do it?

I was a spanked child. I turned out fine. My siblings are 8 years younger than me and my parents spanked them too. Even though the neighbors suddenly frowned upon the practice even though they spanked all their older children.

I'm not talking any abuse or blood or anything. You do something wrong once, they tell you not to do it again. You do it twice? You drop your drawers, bend over and take 5 smacks on the butt with a wooden spoon. Then the 'rents sit you down and explain to you that you disobeyed twice and so that's why you got spanked.

I don't see an issue with it personally. It obviously worked for hundreds of years and today's generation of up and coming children seem to be way more out of control than they were back in the day.

So, barring abuse (excessive spanking, use of an extreme object, unusual number of spanking) what is wrong with the system in your eyes?

What's so wrong with spanking your child?
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