Do you think were more than fwb? Or am I just over thinking it?

We see each other a lot!

I don't want to like him because we all know how that ends. But from looking at it feels like he may like me?

He always gives me hickeys on my neck and chest. He loves to bite me and he always smiles while I'm going down on him. I ask him why do you always looks so happy? He always responds saying "I'm enjoying myself"

We have such a smart ass relationship . He actually called me baby in bed not too long ago. He tends to tell me he's never had a bj as good as mine. Also the he's "never " Met a girl like me. I'm thinking because we only talk when we wanna meet up. I don't text him other than that.. We see each other 2-3 times a week.


oh yeah. And he always talks bout his job and how he has a office etc. I'm guessing he's trying to impress me? But I never care lol

Nevermind, he asked me to go to the movies with him tonight.


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  • youre just FWB. Some people are generally under the impression that FWBs aren't allowed to say stuff like that. But, part of sex is passion and lust. FWB is the ability to express yourself without having the strings attached. "Baby" or "Boo" are general terms. and its actually quite normal. FWBs are suppose to be stress free. Don't forget the "friends" part of FWB. Him talking to you about his job its okay. You don't have to care but, don't over think it until he says with his own mouth that he wants to be more than FWB.


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  • It FWB if that's what you want and no more until the both of you commit to each other. Remember FWB is just that... Friends discuss and tell you things like he does about his job and other things as well. FWB are just that FWB ... A person to talk to ... a person to listen ... have a coffee and spend time with just like any other friend ... the one exeption is you get the sexual benifite of having the sexual relation as well !

    Have fun


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  • No you're not more than fwb. All the examples you gave are sexual in nature