Could my crush be annoyed with me?

He obviously has noticed that I often look at him. Sometimes we make eye contact, and he either looks away quickly, or stares with a blank expression until its just uncomfortable so I have to look away. I've caught him staring at me a few times too. Most of the time he just doesn't notice me. I sat next to him twice and he didn't pay any attention. Once he sat in front of me and kept looking over his shoulder, and his friend also did this, even though I wasn't looking at them. Also once he sat right behind me. I turned around and pretended to be watching the door but still glanced at him a couple times. He looked away and was acting kinda strange, moving around on his seat, tapping his feet, and I noticed his arm was shaking when he leaned on it. And he was looking kinda tired or bored.

This has been going on for 3 months now. Is it too late to approach him?

PS sorry that looks like a lot of over-analyzing haha.


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  • It's kinda of hard to say if he is annoyed or not... I do think that he likes you and that you make him nervous lol.


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