Is a three piece suit too much for a winter formal?

I've got a winter formal coming up and I was wondering if I could wear a three piece suit. The required attire is black shoes, black pants, shirt, tie. I'd wear it with the jacket unbuttoned. The suit is black. If the suit is too much, is it OK to just wear the vest, or should I just wear the jacket? I'm going to be wearing a blue dress shirt, and red tie with it.

Any recommendations(shirt/tie included) are appreciated.

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How does a light blue shirt and a black tie sound?


Most Helpful Girl

  • but I think instead of a red tie use another color a little more neutral because blue is already a flashy color and you don't want to look like the US flag I would match it with a grey or black tie if your wearing it with a blue shirt if its a navy blue then the red is fine... besides that I like the idea :)


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What Girls Said 4

  • Love, love a guy in a 3 piece and that's exactly what formal means to me, if not a tuxedo even. But not a red tie

  • doesn't sound bad

  • A or c

  • yesss


What Guys Said 2

  • Formal means different things to different people. Where I went to school, 'formal' meant tuxedos, 'semi formal' meant suits. Note traditionally, formal actually meant white tie and tails, and tuxedos were semi-formal!

    A three piece suit is not much more formal then a two piece suit. If you can wear a tie and some people are wearing jackets, you can wear a three piece suit.

    I cringe for you having purchased a black suit since its not very versatile though at your age maybe it doesn't matter. Plain black suits are great for night but not as traditional or flexible for daytime wear. But you may be years away from that being an issue.

    Black suit/blue shirt/red tie ... doesn't really pull together. Either keep the blue shirt and wear a black tie, or keep the red tie but on a white shirt.

  • I think 3 is too much.

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