What fashion styles and/or colors can work for me?

I'm trying to pay more attention to what I've been wearing lately but I can use a few pointers. I've heard that some colors don't work with my skin tone, but I don't know what they are. I know some fashion rules (brown shoes with brown belt with brown socks), but I've probably missed lots of the important ones. I'm 6'3" and slender. Take a look at my photos and help if you can. Thanks in advance!

BTW, I usually wear a collared shirt and jeans.


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  • the blue and tan thing is really nicce wiht you skin color, which is also very nice. I'd suggest blues. They're very nice. And collared shirts with jeans are nice. Add a blazer and its fancy casual. but I think your style now is pretty good.

  • white blu and black are what come to mind like a light blue would be good. if you have blue eyes but either way light blue or white is a good combo with black

    • I like that, those combos hadn't occurred to me. BTW, I have brown eyes does that change anything?

    • No

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