Girls: how can a guy tell that you like him in class and that your looking at him?

How can a guy tell that you are trying to get his attention and how would we know that you want us to say hi to you for the first time? Also, they guy you like looked at you how would you feel and if he says hi to you? And do you usually tell your girlfriends in class that you like or think he is cute in class?


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  • Yes, we definitely would tell our friend (preferably my closet friend) that I'm into a guy.

    In class though... Ehh. Unless were sitting right next to each other, she can whisper, doesn't act lost and confused, doesn't ask a bunch of questions, or ask me to point you out.

    All of the things I just named makes it SUPER OBVIOUS and though I love this best friend that I just described... I learn from experience. Trust me... Smh

    And if I'm not sitting directly from my friend passing notes is also a bad idea! Like I said before... EXPERIENCE! Other people might read it or the teacher might take it. (I know what I just named sounds pretty middle schoolish, but hey you asked for advice)

    If a guy I liked said hi to me... It depends if its clear that he's into me and he's giving me signals then I would act all flirty... Maybe even seductive.

    If he says hi in a friendly way I would do the same, not expressing my feelings towards him, because he might just want a friend. Especially if he doesn't do it it in a direct way.

    Let's say for instance he turns around andand says hi, but doesn't say my name or uses a word like you'll, everyone, or everybody. Even if he was trying to specify to me I have no way of knowing so I would say hi in a normal friendly way.

    Now if he was sitting in front of me, besides, me or behind me and said hi. I still can't really tell whether or not he is into me unless he gives some kind of signal. Like a wink, twinkle/gaze in the eyes, a movement of the eye brow, a lick of the lips, or a stutter of the words. Even if he decided to walk with me to our next classes and its just us one on one. Guys offering to carry our books is always a clear and sweet jester. But then like I said talking to us in class isn't always clear while sitting in one of the places I just named if you're just having a normal conversation, or even a whisper in the ear isn't really clear because you may just want a friend and see us as nothing more. Some girls and guys are best friends, that's what makes this thing confusing if there are NO SINGNALS!

    I'm a very kind fun to get along with person so I'll even introduce myself to a new person or someone I rarely if ever talk to... Whether you're a guy or girl. But, if I do it and you're a guy I'm not going to go all flirty and bubbly... That just gives off a sine that I am OBVIOUSLY into you, Desperate, or Easy. So I'll just keep it at friend level. Unless like I said before... You give me a sign!

    Another way you can tell weather we are into you or not during class is if you catch us glancing in your direction, and wuickly turn the opposite way once you notice.

    Now for my FINAL word of advice: I honestly think the best way to tell a girl that you are into her is simply by approaching her somewhere private off to the sides and telling her that you're into her. Yes, I know that its hard, and yes there is a chance that you may be turned down... But that's the worst she can do... (to be continued)

    • Unless you go after some shallow girl then its pretty clear that she'll break your heart and have no shame.

      But like I was saying, Just go for it! Most girls will say yes, if not say I see you as a friend or might be taken.

      I'm the kind of girl that will give just about any a guy a fair chance, then see where it goes from there.

      And I absolutely ADORE a guy that has the balls to approach me without a cocky attitude or only has sex on his mind.

      I hope I could help, and good luck =)

  • Smile at you many times.


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