What is proper winter running gear?

I live in the New England area and it get's down to 15 below or lower here. I was contemplating buying a treadmill to stay in shape during the winter, but I've opted for spending my money on good, warm, winter running gear instead. I've ordered a swoosh nike sweatshirt with moisture wick technology, and xersion running leggings with moisture wick features. What else should I purchase to make sure I stay warm while running? What do I do about shoes? Is there special shoes to buy for winter running, or do I buy a special attachment? Should I purchase snow shoe like attachments? I've never done this before. I have a $200 budget. (Christmas is coming up and I have to have money to spend on my friends and family.)


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  • I don't run much because I have very bad knees. But I walk in temperatures that low with the occasional short jog. I don't do anything special except dress warm in regular clothes.

    I dress in layers. Underwear, thermal shirt and long john, regular jeans, heavy shirt, a fleece thingy, jacket, hat, and gloves. That will get me down to about 0-10 degrees. Lower than that I add a winter coat and wool scarf. The scarf is key, it makes a huge difference. I wear the same shoes in winter that I do in summer. Oh, and a handkerchief for the cold winter snot. :D

    In the winter I always start in the direction heading into the wind. That way if I get a ways then decide it's too cold, I have the wind at my back on the return trip, instead of heading into the wind when I'm already freezing. Usually if I make it the first 10 minutes then I'm fine for as long as I want.

    If you go for long runs and get warned up, layers can be stripped off so you don't sweat too much.


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  • i strongly recommend you to invest in a treadmill with a somewhat cushioned belt.


    1. high impact activities like running and jogging on hard pavement really fuck up the ligaments and connective tissue in your body esp. face. studies have been done.

    2. chilled wind can be very harsh on thin facial skin. think dry, flaky, crepey. this leads to the formation of wrinkles when combined with our everyday facial movements.

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