What kind of prom corsage should I get for her?

I know I'm supposed to get a corsage for my date, but this is my first school dance and I have NO idea what to do. My date's friend said to go to the florist down the street, so I'm going there. Should the corsage match her prom dress? Should I get one that pins on the dress, or a wrist corsage? Do I get her that AND flowers? PLEASE help a clueless guy out!


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  • Aww! heh heh.

    You must feel so overwhelmed.

    It's best to get her a corsage that matches her accessories.

    For example; if her dress is light blue and her accessories are silver, a white corsage may be most appropriate. A wrist would be best for her because you should be getting a matching pin-on one for yourself to put on your blouse or jacket.

    Buying her flowers to leave at home with her mother and father would be a beautiful touch, but it can get pricey.

    If you have a picture of her dress or one of the same color, I could help you out if you wanted. If not, you should probably ask one of her good friends and have her keep your confusion hush-hush. Good luck and have fun


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  • Helms girl nailed it. But if you don't know what color her dress is, get white. That's a safe choice. And DEFINITELY a wrist corsage, those are much better.

  • Try and get one that matches the color of her dress and get a wrist corsage.


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