My boyfriend posted this today claiming to have style?

[ i42. tiny pic. com / 3304vo6. jpg ] (sorry I'm not an experience 4 user you have to put the link together without spaces and sorry for the blurred face, wanted to keep anononymous) and am I the only one who thinks he doesn't? I'm not bashing him, I just want to suggest better ideas since I feel like he doesn't know what style is. I mean he wore the shoes to my family Thanksgiving party after promising he knew everything about style. This to me is style [ i39. tiny pic. com / spayb7. jpg] I mean I'd even go as far as buying my boyfriend new things for Christmas but I just don't think he knows what style is!


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  • ...The heck am I looking at? Your fist link looks like nothing and your second link looks like a hobo dragged in off the street.

    What do you are what he wears anyway? Style isn't everything.


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  • It's not the worst I've seen by any means nor would I say it's bad.

    It's just what he's comfortable in. Would you want him changing what you wear?

  • i dislike his shoes but I like the baseball/varsity jacket

    i like the second link too


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