I would like to know are there any community colleges that offers fashion design programs online of any sort?

An if so can anybody name some, I would like to look into them and check them out and Thanks a bunch!
Please anyone, I already try searching people. I am just asking, because I know somebody might know some others that I don't. I am just asking to see if any others out there, that is all. Thanks a bunch!


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  • How about you Google community colleges in your area to see if they offer them? Not only do we not know where you live, but we don't know your preferences for school, location, and stuff like that.

    Lift a finger to do the research yourself, because we can't do it for you.

    • I already know and I have done all of that, but I know somebody probably might know something, that is the reason why I asked because this is an asking site, you are not the only person in this world that might know, but some others might. So that is why I am asking anyway, but thanks for your response in trying to do so.

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    • An which one that be? Because I bet you any money I have check them all out here.

    • It says "Central Louisiana Technical College - Alexandria Campus", so that would be something for you to research.

      But there are plenty in Louisiana, but you'd have to move.

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