How to start a blog?

I was sort of hoping for some advice because I wanted to start a blog. I've picked a niche and all that, and it's not really to make money or anything, just something I wanted to do.

I just wondered if anyone had any basic information for me about starting up, or knew of places to look. I've looked at YouTube and things but none of it seems to be aimed at what I want to do, more get rich quick things.

So I'm just looking for best places to have it, formatting, setting up a logo, etc



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  • Well any site can offer you html customization. THe question is are you learning as you go?

    I've looked into wordpress/blogger/tumblr etc and I feel they limit what you can do. With wordpress however, its a bit more flexible...only if you know how to use html etc. I would pay money to to host your site, it also gives you free webistes for you to use, customizable url name, and up to two personal sites..

    As for the logo, you would have to design it yourself using Adobe Illustrator, which you get pay 24 a month to use, can be cancelled anytime. You would then take that logo and upload it to a image hosting site (e.g. photobucket) so that when you are coding you can input the url to display your logo/images. Understanding photoshop/illustrator would be useful, learning how to size your images with the website is important to.

    Im currently working on mine, while learning dreamweaver, its taking quite awhile because I have a very specific layout I want, and the best way to do that is learn coding. Its more flexible that way.

    What kind of vision do you have for your blog?

    • I don't really want to spend money on it, because I want it to be more of a hobby. I just sort of wanted a platform to start sharing my passion, which is baking.

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