Girls, do you think this would look good? Only takes a sec. to look.

I'm 6 feet 2 inches tall, quite muscular, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and have a fair complexion. link link
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I'd wear a mild to medium V-neck(recommend color), jeans, and a belt with a plain buckle with the prior.


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  • I like a tall muscular guy in leather jackets ;)

    don't wear a V-neck that's too deep, otherwise it would look more feminine than masculine. If it's showing your pecs, then it's waaay too deep lol A simple white would look great, a classic. Or a khaki one would not look bad too.

    I'm not really a fan of the shoes though, too much buckling action on the shoes. Without the buckles, it would look better.


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  • Sure. It's a classic style, especially if you wear it with just a plain white T-shirt.

  • its very grease lightning meets construction worker meets upper class teen

    try these outfits under your leather jacket link link link or this with a white, grey or black shirt link

  • oh yum, I like it;D

  • To be honest that gives of a 1950's bad boy vibe


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