Girls, when you look at a guy in the face, do you like it when he stares back or looks away?

In one he stares right in your eyes, in another he looks away like he's nervous. which do you prefer and why?
i mean from far away. like you see a cute guy and you meet his eyes, do you like him staring back or looking away when you catch him?


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  • Assuming that we're having a conversation, I like when a guy makes direct eye contact with me. Otherwise, I feel like he's either intimidated or just not interested.

    • no no no I mean from afar.

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  • both can imply interest, I think you should do what you spontaneously like doing if you want get a girl like you, both ways she will get your interest. Most girls can tell when a guy is really interest in them.

  • Not a stare but a calm glance is what I prefer. Stares are intimidating and ignoring is also intimidating.


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