Do you yell at action/scary movies?

I do. It's going to be right behind you, it's going to be right behind you, it's going to be right behind. And you know what.

It's right behind you.

I know they can't hear me, even if I've seen it a million times and know it won't change just because I'm saying It's going to be right behind them. Oh well, still fun [:


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  • Oh I do. I guess screaming helps releasing my nerves haha. I looove scary movies. And I only scream in action movies because I get annoyed or if I'm waiting too long for something to happen.


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  • No, I am such a coward, to be honest. Whenever I somehow get dragged along to see a scary movie, I close my eyes the whole time and don't open them until the movie is over. I've been told I whimper, too. Lols. Scary movies are definitely not suited for me.

  • Nope sure don't. But I'll say that "nobody in real life would do that"