Am I just imagining things?

So this guy I have a crush on is always by his locker when I see him. Sometimes he'll look around the hall as if he's trying to find something (he looks at where I always walk from) and when he looks at me he just stops trying to "find" what he wanted to find... is he waiting for me to pass him or something? Was he looking for me? Am I just imagining things? Thanks so much for answering :D p.s. I didn't really know what category this fit in


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  • This category is perfect. Good for you for noticing. Of course he is wanting to talk with you. Just say hi...there is no harm in that!

    Remember he is probably just as if not more nervous than you. There is no harm in a genuine smile and a simple "hi how are things going today?". Hang in there...Let me know how it works out.


What Girls Said 1

  • Mmm, sometimes it's hard to tell if a guy likes you or not, but you probably should try to say hello sometime just to see what happens, maybe he's simply too shy to talk to you!


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