How good looking must a guy be to be seen by women as datable?

if your answer includes a word that ryhmes with bonfidence , please don't answer becuase that didn't get me a girl before , just insults


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  • Depends how big the wallet is


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  • I'm rated around an 8 and that's about the level of guys I date. I've dated guys considered below that before, but I don't think I should be expected to. Most guys never date below their own level.

    • i have no level under me , and girls on my level want 8 and over guys

  • He must be charming not good looking

    • girls don't give any guy a chance to show he is charming except if he's good looking

  • It totally depends on the girl, we don't all have the same standards you know

    Clean yourself up and wear clothes that are clean and somewhat nice

    And there is a big difference between confidence and aloofness

    • i do all this and girls still don't want me

  • He has to be at least a 7.

    6.5 for some women.


What Guys Said 2

  • Confidence. There, I said it. And I'm dead fucking serious. You were probably just approaching the wrong girls or you're approach was just not that great.

    Looks will only get you so far. A girl might hook up with you at first but if you don't have the personality, she's gone. And if a girl is into just for looks, then she's not right for you unless you want that kind of relationship where she's always going to be superficial, materialistic high-maintenance, etc.

    • This is true. Coming from a girls perspective confidence and a great personality is a must. Looks come after. I went on a few dates with this one guy that was interested in me and he had all the "right looks", built, nice hair, good looking but his personality was that of a wall. I couldn't even keep conversation with him during dinner and after I stopped taking his calls because I couldn't connect with him.

    • but you went on a date with him . difference is I never get a chance to show any personality

    • Then your personality needs to show when asking a girl out or getting to know them. Not all girls will be turned on by your personality but eventually you'll find a girl or some that will accept you for you. Just don't be fake about it.

      Only superficial girls will go out with a guy just because he looks hot.

  • I'd say average, your personality can edge the rest depending on the girl.


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