How can I keep my red hair red?

I dyed my hair red last week and I want to keep it red. I've heard that red is the hardest color to maintain ;/ the first time I washed it some of the dye washed out but I think that's common for the first wash after you dye your hair.

I bought some of the John Fredia Radiant Red Colour Proctector shampoo and that a good shampoo?


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  • Yes, red is the hardest color to keep. First and second washes after dying tend to rinse away some of the color and that's normal. For red, try not to wash often because it will fade the color every time. I wash mine once or twice per week. I don't know about John Frieda but some color protector shampoo is probably better than nothing. I use Redken Color Extend and I buy it in bulk to cut the price. It's expensive but worth it.


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