Why would guy not want to look at me while wearing eye makeup?

Soo... this I guy I work with is higher ranking than me at work, and one year older. All the time when we talk he will look at me directly in the eyes, he doesn't scan my face or anything else, we can even be across the room and he'll do the same thing, and like shrug and raise his eyebrows at me. But when I wear tasteful eye makeup which is mascara eyeliner and nude color eye shadow he will not look at my in the face or anything. He will be fidgeting and messing with things that are fine and will look at me from peripheral vision and that's it. So does he have a problem with me wearing eye makeup, do I intimidate him or what?


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  • He may be trying to show you that he does not like make up. I don't like it too BUT, BUT I would not stop look into the eyes of a girl that I like just because of makeup. I think that guy is too weird. MOVE ON. There are other guys that will like you regardless the makeup.


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  • AWWWW, he must like you. Usually people become fidgety when they are nervous and sometimes they don't look people in the eye, because the eyes are the windows to the soul. And he probably knows that. Just try getting him to look you in the eye when that happens, then you'll get you're answer.


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