What do I do when things are awkward?

I told the guy I have a crush on that I like him...He admitted to liking me to.

We were talking and talking

but he never officially asked me to be his girl friend.

How do I get him to get the guts to ask me because I am too shy to ask him?


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  • This has been a question I have been looking forward to asking because I have been in a situation like this.

    You should ask him to come over for something that would make you be alone, for example, if you have a pool, ask him to come for a late night swim if not, then have him come over for a movie or something, if he agrees, your one step closer, this was one thing that when happened to me, I was going to ask her out either during this, or a time we went for a little adventure or something around the city. **This next part is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to happen to you but it happened to me which gave me that little extra push to ask her out on this night, instead of a few days later when we go on an adventure or something** there was another guy that liked her, who happened to go to our little "alone" meet up, who kind of invited himself by saying "I thought it was going to be us tonight" after me and her made the plans. So after I got him to leave I asked her out, so one little thing like that gave the extra push.

    Basically, make sure you guys have a lot of alone time, hint to him that you want to kiss (by biting your lip, or if you kiss him on the cheek, or both I suppose) - This should give him the hint, when he should then ask you out.

    Hope I helped, if I did, I joined just two days ago so best answer would help me because you get xper points for getting best answer rating :D and I love to help people and Xper points just give me more motivation to do so.



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