Confused by this girl?

Help. I don't know whether she likes me or not. I work with her. When I come into work she waves at me (no one else) She talks to me more than anyone else, she seems comfortable with me, but only when someone else is in the room, if its just me and her sometimes she can be quite shy (Iam also). She is extremely polite to me (more so to me than anyone else) and says my name alot. She has also in the past complimented on how I do my work. I have caught looking at me a couple of times and she immediately looks away. Eye contact, sometimes if I pass her something she will look into my eyes other times she will look at my arm or chest, and avoid contact all together or If I walk past her she will say hi but not look at me.. She does flirt occasionally.

In general conversation, she will look away and look in my eyes, just like normal eye contact in conversation. Sometimes I get the feeling she tries to make me laugh? Girls would you do that? Also copies my mood? I've noticed if I'm happy she's happy, If I'm moody she can be quiet? Although it could be just all a coincidence. In the past also if she sees I'm not myself she will get another guy to go talk to me to see what's up, but won't ask herself? Also sometimes if were in a group and if someone is talking to the group, and he says something weird, she will comment on my face expression, leaving me to think why was she looking at my face!?!

May all sound a bit weird, but some days I get a feeling, some days I get nothing at all.



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  • Yeah...she definitely likes you! But she's afraid of showing it too strongly. Maybe she's been hurt in the past and wants to get to know you, but is afraid of being turned down by you? It's also possible that she's timid to show you that she likes you in front of your other coworkers. Try asking her questions about herself and see if she opens up to you.


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