Why is he following me around but not speaking to me?

I smiled at a guy I like a few weeks ago and since then he's been appearing all over the place and seems to want my attention - but he never starts conversations with me and if I look at him he just looks at the floor. What's going on? :( When I'm interested in someone I talk to them. This seems to happen with every guy I meet...are they just enjoying the attention and having fun with it? I feel like if they're serious I must have missed some sort of cue to move it forward..


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  • He is shy. If you normally talk to the guy that you are interested in, then talk to this guy, why don't you make the move? If you are not shy do something. Simple.

  • The guys are severely introverted and/or shy and are trying their best to force themselves to approach you, because they are interested in you.

    This particular guy is like all the rest of the guys, and you wrote "When I'm interested in someone I talk to them"; so I take it you are not interested in him?

    • Ok, thanks that makes sense. I am interested in him but every time so far I've tried to talk to a guy they've lost interest shortly afterward. It's like they want to be the first to make the move, yet they don't. : /

    • Well, the few times I've been approached (meaning it has been girls that initiated conversation) it's been by girls that I didn't have interest in, and I'm pretty sure didn't get any signals from me.

      But us men have been emasculated by society and feminism (and I'm not joking); we are damned if we don't approach and we're damned if we approach.

      We can't win; but I suggest you go talk to him, and I'll say the same as every girl here says "What's there to loose"? ;) ...yeah I hate hearing that

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