Is it normal to want a feminine-looking masculine-acting woman?

My pure definition of sexy is a woman who looks totally feminine, is motherly and nurturing. Basically feminine in an overall sense.

But she can act masculine on lots of specific things. She's cool with cigarettes, alcohol, swearing. Her teeth can handle a steak. She can handle nerdy games like Dungeons and Dragon. She can revel in dark humor. She can work her way up to a career like a man can. And she's a total sex-loving nymph.


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  • isn't that what all guys want? that woman may exist somewhere,but trust me,most girls aren't like that,some girls try to do that to get guys,but,they usually have low self esteem if they're willing to do that-so don't expect much on the business and sex front-sure,she'll have sex,but for her it'll be a job. instead,try actually getting to know girls,not just looking for a girl who you thinks matches some concept of the perfect girl.

    • i'm not saying a woman has to be designed to cater to my whim. or that she's obligated to have sex with me. but I just want to know that women aren't solely divided by innocent vs guilty, or feminine vs masculine

    • that's every woman and every man. no one fits only one side,they're human traits. I don't know a single girly girl who doesn't do something considered masculine. I've met girls who took off their heels and played basketball in dresses,girls who played video games while their friends paint their toes,girls who look like angels but swear like sailors-but never a girl who fits one side completely.

    • and I wouldn't have it any other way

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  • You can't expect that she'll be perfect at all points in time but I wouldn't say it's unusual there's been plenty of guys that go for that

  • Of course it's normal.


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