What natural hair colors and shades besides black and dark brown look good on naturally tanned skin?

come on I know there are some style experts out there!

I want to purchase a wig because I do not want to put any chemicals on my hair. my skin is a golden 10 shade in the Bare Minerals foundation line. to see the shade click on the link below link my current hair color is sort of a darkish brown but not super dark brown. I am looking for a job in a professional office setting I do not want to look plain but I do not want to look too out there either.


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  • Whatever color you pick, don't get a wig.

    • Why not? My hair is already damaged from past coloring. I went to the salon 6 months ago and got a chemical straightener put in my hair. I would rather be safe than sorry. I want to give my hair time to forgive me lol.

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    • I am sorry I did not mean fat. I meant *that, that was a typo lol.

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  • I would suggest a darker raven color brown with visible reddish highlights that appear only in certain lightings and angles.


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  • Auburn or a warm golden brown but make sure it's darker... Like a nice rich coffee color brown with honey or golden highlights?


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