Need some advice on a possible shy girl.

Ok, so their is this girl that sometimes walks outside my work place to go to her job down the street. She usually walks with a straight face or is looking down but their has been a few times that she glances in my directio. A few days ago I was outside by my car and she passed in front of me looking down playing with her phone and as soon after passing me, she me put he phone away and looked up. Yesterday she passed and actually turn her head sideways and looked into our workplace(warehouse) and as soon as I caught her she turned her head straight, this morning were outside receiving a delivery and she was passing by looking straight and as soon as we made eye contact she quickly turned away and looked straight... The only thing is that she doesn't smile or something so that's why I'm a little confuse..


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  • I would stop her and say something along the lines of "hi my name is _____ and I wanted to introduce myself I thought you were attractive and I always notice you walking to what seems to be your job and I just wanted to say hello " just something short and sweet cause you don't wanna make her late for work, ask for her name of course then maybe after you guys have a few brief conversations ask her for her number.

  • She probably is interested. She would not likely keep looking out for you if it were merely a matter of curiosity or if she disliked you for some reason. The problem is that being shy, she probably tells herself that she doesn't know anything about you so why bother? It might take some imagination on how to make contact without coming on too strong. Since you cross paths often enough you have time to try different things. A simple beginning is to say good morning, nice weather we're having, or the equivalent, some friendly greeting that doesn't lead into a conversation, which would make her nervous. It would let her know that you're friendly and approachable. That may lead to actual conversations later.

    For what it's worth, I wrote up some tips for shy people who want to date which might give you some perspective: link


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