Girls? Why the sad look when you're interested in a guy?

When I have chemistry with a girl, if she sees me first she calls to me or talks to me first (with a soft voice you'd use along together) but gives me a sad, soft look with eyes that look big, a little wet and shiny. Is this actual sadness? If not what am I seeing?


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  • When a person finds another person attractive, their pupils dilate. When a person cries, their pupils also dilate. So, when a girl looks at you and you think she looks sad, she's really just attracted to you and you're subconsciously noticing it.

    • Dam. I did not know that. Thanks. I've come into my own comfort-confidence wise and I see various women giving me this look and it's been unnerving me. Cognitive dissonance for sure.

    • You're welcome! Thanks for BA. Kudos to you for noticing it.

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  • She's trying to look cute. Like hey there big boy look at me I'm so helpless and cute please protect me because I'm so effin adorable. When we like someone, it's what we do, so I WOULD KNOW.

    • lol it works well. I have to say. That look compels me to pursue. Higher brain function shuts down. Then off I go.

  • She is probably giving you the sad puppy eyes. :P

  • Maybe her face is just sad naturally

    • Yes. I know what you mean. That's touching too if a woman that normally puts on a tough look shows me her sadder more natural look. This isn't that.

      Everything looks normal, mostly, it's the eyes alone that take on a special look. The eyes betray all.

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