Hahaha...Should I?

Nothing to do with anything but...i think this is a stupid question so don't go saying, "oh this is so stupid" and other stuff...

Should I start dressing with a new "style", such as...(put in you're suggestions)


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  • No, wear what makes you feel comfortable. If you like the way you dress now, don't change a thing and that will show girls that you are comfortable with yourself and do not need to impress anyone with clothes and such. If you want to change fine but be it because you want to. If you feel better wearing different types of clothes go ahead and do it. But don't change for anyone but yourself.


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  • don't dress differently to try and conform to someone else's standards, be who you are and were meant to be, you'll find that your able to express yourself and are happier when you dress for yourself instead of trying to impress others


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  • Cut your hair and don't tell anyone you cut it.

    I did that when I had a afro, even got marked absent in some classes.