How likely is nervousness an indicator of interest?

If a guy seems a little unsure of himself around a girl, how likely is that to be an indicator of interest?

Is it natural for guys who aren't extremely outgoing or extremely shy to feel a little nervous around a girl they have a crush on?

The guy I'm talking about clearly likes me as a person, otherwise he wouldn't smile and be responsive when we talk.

But I definitely don't get the idea he is confident around me. He will do little things like smile but not directly look at me or quickly look away if I see him.

He also seems to have a reaction if I ignore him. He will sort of have this surprised look on his face and look over at me a lot.


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  • I'm a shy guy and I get nervous around girls I'm interested in. If you want to know what's up, most shy guys aren't really shy, they just have social anxiety in public. They worry about what others are thinking of them if they are rejected or fail. If you can get this person alone for any meaningful period of time, I think you will find that everything will become much more clear rather quickly. Just find an excuse to hang out just the two of you for a bit and ask questions until you figure it all out =p . You can beat around the bush if you're nervous but if you're outgoing just ask him straight up how he feels somewhere in the middle of the whole thing, catch him off guard.

  • it is natural with shy people


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