Cute wintertime outfits?

I was thinking about buying some new outfits. its cold so I want

them to be warm because I'm outside a lot. I also want them to look good, as in I don't want to look like a marshmallow.

i didn't want them to be too stylish though, because when I try to look on the internet that's all I find. Anotherwords I'm looking for something warm, cute and durable. Sorry if I sound picky, its just so hard to find things like this!

thanks :)


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  • I usually wear:

    - skinny jeans, a loose pullover or a shirt with a comfy cardigan or a sweater, pair them with boots. I like to wear a sleek wool coat instead of a down jacket. Down jackets remind me of the Michelin Man.

    - For a more feminine look: thick wool stockings, boots, and either a sweater-dress or a loose dress and a cardigan. kinda like this link

    Accessorize with belts, long necklaces, and scarves.


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