Do guys like to dress nicely for girls too?

There is a guy I'm interested in and I am pretty sure he feels the same way about me. He hasn't made a move or anything like that, but he just smiles a lot when we talk, remembers things about me, and I catch him looking at me quite a bit. If I remember things about him he gets really happy.

Idk, I just have a feeling he's interested. I could be wrong of course.

Before we got to know each other a bit, I didn't really see him much. But when I did, he didn't strike me as the kind of guy who put much effort into how he looked. I saw him wearing pretty much the same thing 3 to 4 times in a period of little over a week.

Now I see him all the time and he looks really good lol. I really like what he wears. He will wear like a button up shirt and a pair of khakis or something.

I'm not assuming that he is dressing that way for me, but I'm just wondering if guys care what they look like too. I'm no fashion guru, but I like to wear something coordinated every day with a little bit of basic makeup and jewelry like a pair of earrings or something.

Do guys like to look pretty too? Haha


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  • wait, so are you saying girls DO dress for men?

    • I like fashion personally so I like to put in a little effort because it makes me feel better about myself. But I can't deny that if I know I'm going to see a guy I like that I put in a little extra effort. But the effort I make won't really be with what I'm wearing; moreso with my hair. How my hair looks is a big part of how pretty I feel that day

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    • lol I wear my hair basically the same every day. I just don't like it if it gets frizzy

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