What is your opinion of cute?

hey everyone I was wondering what cute means in your opinion

im a guy I look slightly younger than my age and yeah I get called it a fair amount of times lol


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  • a guy I find adorable, he seems nice, well groomed, take cares of himself, has a good personality-this all constitutes my definition of cute

    • Haha :)

      thats cool um I really need help about a girll I was sayinn nice things to her and she said I was cute haha does that mean anything?. I sound like a little kid but yeah I really wanna know how a girls mind works!

      please help thanks!

    • I think it sounds like she finds you attractive. why not talk to her? :-)

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  • I'm 6'4" and get called cute every now and then. As Reeses Pieces said, I think it has to do with how adorable you are to girls, making them laugh, giving them thoughtful comments, possibly making a dork of yourself, and really expressing who you are, not just some jerk on the stands, etc.

  • Adorable, huggable, et al. But it's awesome that you've gotten called cute a couple of times.

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