Have you ever realized after the fact, by looking back on a situation that someone actually liked you?

This happens to me all the time. I am very socially anxious and I don't understand the stuff that girls may do that secretly shows that they may want to get to know me, or want me or whatever. or maybe it's just a fantasy.

What did the people do that made you realize "Oh Shit! I think they actually liked me."? I will assume that most people her are into the opposite sex, but some people are not, so can people state what their sexual preference is and what sex the other person in the situation was?

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  • This has never happened to me
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  • This has happened to me with every interest of mine
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  • This has happened multiple times but I wasn't interested anyways
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  • I wish my beard did not grow in patchy and funny looking, as if I too my razor and cut just beneath my chine for about an inch and stopped
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  • I'm quite good at reading people in real life and my intuition is very strong. I've never really came to a realization all of a sudden that someone from my past liked me, no. Could it have happened perhaps yes. But I don't recall it or think about it. It's always difficult to look for signs of interest in the opposite sex. I've experienced this myself but with years of trial and error I seem to be getting more of an idea but it's still not bulletproof. My best advice is that when a girl communicates with you all the time, keeps trying to hang out or organize dates and is physically affectionate (also smiles a lot too ) the chances that she's interested are good. Even when it comes to more shy girls (I'm quite shy myself) they'd still try to keep the communication channels open regardless of whatever else is going on. I know this wasn't the main question but I want to help you see that it doesn't always have to be so confusing.


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  • Yes. I only realize after they lose interest. So I guess the shift in their behavior makes me notice it afterward. But it only happened once that I realized a crush of mine actually liked me. When I realized, it was too late.


What Guys Said 3

  • All the time. So you have to approach women like they are ALL attracted to you, and if you get rejected, move on.

  • It was back in HS and I was at our football game. A friend who I went to middle school with planned to meet there since we hadn't seen each for a while. Long story short I talked to one of her friends she came with while she left for minute. We talked non-stop to each other the whole time and sat really close to each other (it was freezing that night). When I looked back at it the next day, I thought to myself "Damn, I should've gotten her number!, because she was very interested in me and I was too dumb to notice. But then again I didn't have a cellphone either so getting numbers was practically impossible which is probably why I didn't think about it.

  • I suspected but not realized, didn't confirm. There's no way to confirm if you just think it. Also girls like to manipulate a lot and sometimes it seems they don't even know themselves if they like you. I've had girls stare me down with smiles, but I'm convinced much if not most of it was manipulation/teasing. Other than looking and smiling, most girls aren't supposed to show any obvious interest to a guy. And if it's not obvious, you might as well invent whatever you believe is going on.


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