Short man's complex, seriously. What the heck?

My boss invited some of the people from work to her house for dinner the other day. We work in fast food and are all around the same age so it's not completely weird.

She said we should all bring our S.O's. So I brought my boyfriend.

And it was the WORST idea ever! And I don't even understand why the HELL this happened. But it did.

So my boyfriend is 6'6. And my boss's husband in 5'7. Her husband is a bit of a loose cannon apparently. And he chose to attack my boyfriend verbally. My boyfriend isn't the most peaceful either. He's perfectly fine until someone gets in his face about something. Especially something crazy like this.

And what was this guy's chosen point of attack? His height. He went on and on about how my boyfriend was a freak of nature and was just making all these very rude assumptions about my boyfriend based on his height. Assumptions that I didn't know even existed.

My boyfriend was very alarmed that this happened, as was I. Actually, everyone was. He tried to be polite about it but was very flustered and I don't know how this happened but the two guys ended up face to, well, chest, arguing.

My boss and I were just looking at each other confused. It felt like we were watching our dogs fight or something. the short man's complex really that strong? Or is he just a special case?

It's safe to say we won't be going to their house again - which is sad because she is a mean cook haha.

On our way home my boyfriend confessed that he was "this close to hitting that guy."

I understand why the two ended up arguing (they're both kind of hot heads) but why did the other guy decide it was a good idea to insult a guest in his house? And about something so trivial as his height?

And why would he choose to get into it with someone so much bigger than him with just as much of a temper as him?

This is the most ridiculous thing ever.

I know this sounds ridiculous but please respond seriously.

***I know not ALL men who are considered short have this chip on their shoulder. This question is for those who DO have said chip on their it uncommon or common for them to react this way to their taller counterparts?


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  • He's a special case, but far from unique.

    Some short guys have a napoleon complex. Many don't. It comes down to how good their self-image is.


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