Why is it not okay for men to be entitled, but its okay for women to be entitled?

I understand that everyone has standards . I get that. Now I know that a man isn't entitled to having a girl with a perfect body and model looks, a girl that will cater to his every want etc, and most of you agree with this. But what about women? Why is it okay for them to be entitled to a guy that's attractive , successful, a guy who will treat them like they are queens of a country etc? why are their expectations looked upon as having standards , but guys expectations are dismissed as having a entitlement issue? No one is entitled to anything, but I think girls entitlements are more accepted than guys. What do you think GAGERS?
  • Women's entitlements are okay but men's aren't
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  • Men's entitlements are okay , but women's aren't
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  • I have to disagree with this my buddy.Guys care about looks,girls care about money and success.Both can be shallow in a way,depends on the individual.This is because women in general are valued more for their look in our society while men need to make more money in order to get a hot girl.

    • Girls care about looks too.

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    • LOL! I'm moving to Malaysia! Just kidding. I don't have a problem with getting females I'm just trying to figure out why women's entitlements are okay but when a guy has them all hell breaks loose.

    • I think it has something to do with the society view on women.Men are seen as someone who is stronger so its not okay for them to want something from the 'weaker' gender.It will make you look weak to.Double standard sucks.

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  • The only situation I've ever seen anyone referred to as entitled is when they only approach the hottest girls, gets rejected and someone tells him to go after girls more similar in attractiveness as himself. (Though a QA one stated he was entitled to one in his title!)

    Girls generally would love a super hot partner but we will look past that as long as we're still attracted to you enough to be able to have sex with you.

    In a way, it's in the girl's best interest if she looks for a financially stable (and potentially then some) man if she intends to have children with him. No matter what she will need to take some time off work and you'll unfortunately need to support her. It's also in the best interest of her young to seek a better off parter. A lot of girls want families more than anything else in their lives so this is why they're driven this way.

    As for the ones looking for it out of greed, she's generally super hot, knows it herself and that's 99% of the reason the wealthy guy was after her. There's nothing wrong with dating for money when you're being dated for your looks.

    • Girls are never criticized when they won't settle for less, but guys are ripped a new one when they won't settle for less.

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    • Lol well maybe then because we have multiple men approaching us so we can choose the best... Wait a bit and another one comes along.

      Maybe bitchy but it's true :)

    • But see guys are dumb. I'm not like other guys. With women out numbering men on earth, one would think that they would figure out that they can control the choosing, but they have been tricked to pursue and settle for less, but I won't . lol!

  • It's not OK for anyone to be entitled. Besides a lot of these girls who feel this way will learn that they are not all they think they are and cannot get this 'perfect' guy just like so many guys learn that they are not all they think they are and cannot get this 'perfect' girl.

  • Depends on where you live.


What Guys Said 1

  • It is an archaic sign of women still being the weaker sex. This is ironic in nature because those "standards" are actually crippling to the cause of female equivalency since if it is standard for you to be taken care of there is no reason to believe you can take care of yourself unless you absolutely have to which in turn subjects the female identity to a state of social value based on marital status.


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