Should I give what I'm making her to her?

A girl who I know and kind of sort of like once told me she used to ice skate when she was a child and she misses it a lot. She can't do it anymore because of some problems. I decided to figure out something I could do to sort of bring a smile to her face so I went online to look up what sort of things I could make her in association with ice skating. I'd rather make something for her than buy it (for a couple of reasons). I found this really cool realistic looking art project, where it has a template of an ice skate and you cut it out on foam board (I won't go fully into how to make it but you get the idea) anyway, I haven't gotten to make it yet but I'm going to try to get it done tomorrow (Friday the 20th) as I'm going to be seeing her. The problem is, I'm second guessing myself on giving it to her. I know she'll like it because of what it is and the thought of me doing it but I guess I just can't handle it being awkward, I guess is the best way I can explain it. We never talked about giving each other gifts, it's just something I wanted to do so it may make her feel bad that she didn't do anything for me.

Do you think I should give it to her? (It doesn't have to be tomorrow by the way, it's just I'd kind of like it to be tomorrow)
Never mind about giving it to her (today, yesterday, Friday). She wasn't there. However I still want to know if I should give it to her, most likely, I would give it to her on Thursday of next week


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  • Well I think you shouldn't give girls gifts until you've established what type of relationship you have, It's a bit over the top for someone who ma only like you as a friend. But if you think she'll like it, go for it.


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