Guys do you look for the following things when you're searching for a partner?

Having a high income

Being more famous and desired

Having superior intelligence

Being a leader and risk taker

If none of these tickle your fancy what are the things that look for on a girl and why?


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  • Those things are masculine traits and are therefore not generally appealing to men. Men are attracted to femininity. I realize society has questioned all of that over the past few decades but that hasn't changed anything. In the final analysis men still do and always will prefer feminine women.

    - Men who are attracted to women with a high income are not the type of men who most women are attracted to.

    - Being famous is roughly equivalent to being powerful, and powerful women are NOT attractive to most men. Men are attracted to kind and nurturing women, not powerful ones.

    - Women who are leaders and risk takers - please refer to the last bullet point.

    - Intelligence is a plus but definitely falls much lower on the priority list than more feminine traits such as a compassionate and nurturing disposition.

    The above are facts of human nature. Men and women are very different and look for very different things is a mate.

    • Thanks for your in depth answer.

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    • The above are facts of human nature.

      Sorry none of those are facts of human nature its the way we are raised. Its cultural and socially influenced on us. People in the United States are trained to find body odor offensive and not clean in France its fine not to wear deodorant. Women are taught to shave their legs these are learned behaviors. Women are taught to wait for the guy to ask them out not other way

      Men and women are very different and look for very different things is a mate.

    • Testosterone is only one thing and a lot of it is how we raise boys and girls differently. Boys are raised to be tough and girls are raised to be more sensitive, etc. Its OK for guys to cry but you don't get it.

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  • I'm not that shallow.

    I look for a personality that sticks to me like gorilla glue. Intimacy, companionship, and most importantly, COMFORT. If she makes me feel comfortable with who I am by showing love and affection even after my darker days, she's a keeper. I'm always stressed. Childhood was not fun for me and the aftermath lingers into adulthood.

    Now, if she doesn't want to find a decent job and contribute, that will put a damper on things, though the above just may well change my mind.

    • Allow me to de-stress you ;)

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    • I know this is cheeky of me cutie but the answers on this question proves what majority of the girls were saying on your question on hypogamy :P lol x

    • Maybe I'm too romantic.

      Time to tighten the screws and be shallow. Fuck it. If women aren't going to be fair, I won't either. Fjck it.

  • Well I'd like my partner to be somewhat intelligent so we can hold a discussion about a multitude of subjects, but I don't need her to have clearly superior intelligence. The rest matter very little to me.

    The number one thing I look for in a partner is loyalty followed by stubbornness and sense of honor.

  • I don't really look for any of those things. Intelligence is nice though.

    I just like really unique girls.. Very rarely do I meet someone that tickles my fancy.

    • You are a hard man to please lol

    • No I'm not shallow.. I don't usually go for extreme beauty or anything like that.. I just like unique personalities.

    • I like the fact that you concentrate on a girls personality rather than her looks. Good good! :)

  • I want a woman who can take care of herself. she has to have a job, a car, and do her own laundry. I won't be a butler.

  • Well, loyalty would be number one on my list.

  • A woman who finds feminine traits to be "boring and childish" is likely not, shall we say, in the mainstream and is probably struggling substantially with her identity. Denial has it's advantages at times but when it comes to human nature it's always a losing battle.

  • Not at all. I think you would be hard pressed to find a guy that has that as his list.

    I guess my list is for a decent looking, non promiscuous, a pleasure to be around most of the time, and someone that actually cares about me. Those are the basics, I think.

    Kangaru has a good list. Similar to what I said and less wordy.


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  • the above are what some girls look for ..

    i think for guys they are looking for 1)Femininity 2) loyalty 3) affection 4) good cook 5) caring


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