Guys: short hair on girls?

what's your take?

i keep hearing you guys loving on long hair.

but what's your opinions on short?

i can never seem to grow my hair out now-a-days.

and by short I mean like. longer than boy cut. kind of edgy..

somewhat like girl on right



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  • With hair it all depends on your way of expression- Obviously if you don't like it, other's wont; but if you in love with it, it will raise your confidence and others will take note of that ^_^

    Additionally, it depends with your body type and facial structure - I suggest googling the term

    "Hairstyles for women" and see what you can come up with; some of the sites listed on google will provide "professional" advice on what seems better (by the media) and what would be a catastrophe.

    (For instance, with a small neck, shorter hair cuts make the neck seems elongated - this will make your neck seem more pertinent, if your neck is a good feature that you want to express, a short hairstyle would be more your type, while longer hair could be reverse the effect and cover up a short hairstyle)

    I love hair long enough that I can run my fingers through it for at least 2 seconds - any shorter and it could bother me, but I highly doubt it would be of a nuissance ^_^

    Hope this helps~



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  • I prefer that a woman have some sort of hair on the top of her head, as so few seem to look attractive with none. Other than this requirement, I leave it to her as to length and style. Guess I'm fairly easy to please in this.

    • Lmao you again!

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    • Philosophizing tends to do that to people, haha.

    • I am, therefore I am. That's as deep as I get! lol

  • No.

    Short hairs are just very weird on women.

    You have good long hairs so why go and cut it off to short.

    Man will be looking sh*t if he had long hairs and vice-versa about women.


  • i think it's cute, but depends on your face shape

    if you have a small face it would be really cute

    long face umm bad idea

  • I thought that the girl on the right was cute. I prefer long hair to short, but short isn't bad as long as it isn't a buzz cut.


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  • My boyfriend HATES that I have short hair, and it's not even that short, it's actually about two inches past my shoulder. He thinks it's "gross".

    • ...that's horrible..

    • Well I wouldn't say that he hates it so much anymore as he did about a month ago (my hair seems to grow pretty quickly) now he says it's at an "okay" length. He's more worried about the smell and being able to run his fingers through it though, he loves to smell my hair for some reason.

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