I have been looking for this shirt/graphic tee for some time..need help?

I am looking for a t-shirt that is a drawing of a man and a woman standing right next to each other holding a new born baby looking down at it. It is like a drawling, with no real obvious distinct faces on the mom, dad, or kid. If you have some idea of what I am talking about please send me the link...Thanks merry x as


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  • link

    this better be it I've been finding it for half an hour

    • thank you but that is not the shirt...where did you find that anyway what website?

    • cant really remember its been a few days I just typed in google and scrolled through the links

  • Where did you see it the first time?

    • james mercer -lead singer of the shins-wearing it in an article in people magazine in the summer of 2007.

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