How can I build self confidence?

Ever since me and my boyfriend broke up I've had low confidence and even before that I was a little insecure I just feel stupid all the time and I don't even look in the mirror because of how ugly I fee I don't like going out in public anymore either I can't try on clothes at the store anymore because everything looks horrible.its starting to spin out of control help me!


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  • All I can say is learn to rely on yourself for confidence not other people or goals. I thought if I lost a bunch of weight I would be more confident. Turns out I was actually more self conscience because now if a guy rejects me I can't just blame it on being fat.

    But that ^ doesn't help anything. "Look within" Lol like you haven't tried that. So I will try and muster up at least a little reliable advice.

    1)It seems to me your looks are what is making you lack confidence. So try a new look. A lot of people pick this method as a sign of moving on, but it also might help your confidence.

    2) Find a new guy. Don't seek one out as a rebound to your ex. Just don't limit yourself either. Move on because he probably has too.

    3)Re- evaluate all your companions. One might be bringing you down even further. Girls are sneaky little things. " Wow those jeans really hide your thunder thighs. You have such great fashion sense I'm glad I'm your friend." < That isn't a compliment from a friend. That's a snarky comment from a bitch.

  • This is my favorite site for things like (self esteem, confidence, overcome shyness and fear, positivity) : link :)

    Is you scroll down you can search for whatever you need at the search button "build confidence" and you will find the greatest tips ever.

    • I came here to comment but this link has really boosted my spirit, Thanks

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