Is it a bad thing if a guy seems to be a bit awkward around a girl?

I like this guy who doesn't seem to have any trouble talking to other girls or people in general. He can be perfectly friendly and just talk normally, like how normal people do!

I have noticed he treats me differently than other people. He comes off as a little awkward for sure. He has trouble with basic things like making eye contact, he looks away quickly if I catch him staring, he has a habit of smiling but not looking at me when we are talking, etc.

He just does not come off as comfortable and confident as he is with other people that he talks to.

I'm not sure what makes him treat me differently than other people. I definitely don't want to assume it's because he likes me.

Is the difference between how he treats me and other people a negative thing? Like am I doing something wrong to make him act this way?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I actually think he really likes you, because I am acting the same with a girl at my work. I am perfectly normal with everyone else, but with her, I am lost and feel terribly shy.

    • You really think so? I just figured that a confident guy like him wouldn't have trouble approaching a girl he likes.. But he doesn't approach me. I have been thinking he's not interested because he hasn't been approaching me. He's nice if I approach but I don't want to approach every time :/

      Is there anything I can do to help him be more comfortable and start approaching me? I just feel like if I do all the work I'll never get an idea of how much or if he likes me

    • Just keep talking to him, make him feel comfortable round you. Attraction can make the most confident guys weak at the knees. I actually think he likes you. Trust me he really likes you.

What Girls Said 1

  • no not a bad thign. it could be a sign that he likes you


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